A walking tour of The Night Stalker's L.A. and The East Los Angeles neighborhood where he was captured. Brought to you by Eastside Desmadre tours, and the invaluable assistance of Lt. Gil Carrillo and Mr. Philip Carlo, author of "Night Stalker", The Life & Crimes Of Richard Ramirez.
On August 30th 1985, Richard Ramirez, the satanic serial killer and rapist named "The Night Stalker", was chased down, beaten and captured by an angry mob in East Los Angeles, California. His bloody rampage came to an end on that August morning as angry blows crashed down upon his head to the cries of "Es El!!", "El Maton!" ("It's HIM!, The Killer!"). Bloodied and dazed, Ramirez begged for the mercy he never granted his victims, and ironically, he thanked the arriving rookie deputy sheriff for saving his life.
On this tour we will retrace Ramirez's last fateful steps leading to his arrest and capture. We will follow the chronicles of his crimes within the living backdrop of the actual streets, stores and neighborhoods that once bore the shadows of the "Night Stalker". We will walk the path of his final run and meet the unassuming heroes who ultimately lifted the bloody veil of horror from a terrified, sleepless city on that sweltering summer, the hottest summer L.A. had experienced in 100 years....

This tour’s journey actually began 26 years ago. During the Hellishly hot summer of 1985, when nightfall brought only sleepless fear, bloody nightmares, cold sweat and doors and windows locked tight, Richard Ramirez the “Night Stalker” became a part of my psyche on many levels. Ramirez and I were each born within 2 years of each other, and raised within a few blocks of each other in El Paso, Texas. Decades later, his path of death would cross my very own East Los Angeles neighborhood. We feared his shadow lurking on our streets, as mere minutes away, he prowled and killed in the neighboring cities of Monterey Park and Whittier. Richard Ramirez was the reason my parent's installed security windows on our home.
I often, unknowingly, surely crossed paths with Ramirez as we both frequented the very same downtown L.A. locations within the very same time period.
His capture within a few miles of my home on involved friends I’ve known for most of my life

My family and the rest of the city of L.A. experienced the Night Stalker’s terror during that blistering summer in 1985, and it seems that I have been formulating this tour ever since. In 2010, 25 years later, on the anniversary of Richard Ramirez’ capture, the time had come to stir the demons of the Night Stalker’s satanic legacy once more…

After the overwhelming response to last year’s sold-out 25th Anniversary Night Stalker Tour and having completed work this year as creative consultant for a U.K. documentary based on the life of Richard Ramirez, Al Guerrero will re-embark on a 2011 tour narrative based on extensive research and interviews with the principal players of the Stalker case, including the late author Philip Carlo, Homicide detective Gil Carrillo, indirect communication with Ramirez himself, and surprising new revelations from the residents of East L.A.'s Hubbard Street who were responsible for his capture.

You will be chilled by the shadow of the “Night Stalker” as we explore one of the most horrifying and terror filled chapters in Los Angeles crime lore.

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