Press Release Announcing the"2011 Night Stalker Tour"

25th Anniversary of the Capture of Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker”<br /> Guided Tour

The guided tour commemorating the capture of Richard
Ramirez “The Night Stalker” returns to the streets of downtown Los Angeles and East Los Angeles. Sunday, August 28, 2011, 2pm, following a LAVA CAFE presentation on the history and capture of Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker".

To commemorate the 1985 capture of the infamous Los
Angeles serial killer Richard Ramirez, Eastside Desmadre Tours will conduct a
guided tour to explore the downtown L.A.
and dwellings of the “The Night Stalker”. Included in the tour is a visit to
the East L.A. street where he was captured, as well as interviews with local witnesses
involved in his apprehension.

Special Guests, including: Crimebo The Clown, and a shocking
incarnation of Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker". more tba.

Exclusive items on display available only to all tour participants. Space
on this once in a lifetime tour is very limited. 2010 Tour was an immediate SELL-OUT! Don't miss this opportunity. Reservations are strongly advised. Tour packages: $20 per person. Reservations by email only. 

Los Angeles, CA July 12, 2011 –

Prepare to embark upon a “street level” two-part tour of The Night
Stalker’s L.A. We will experience the gritty skid row area as Ramirez did over
25 years ago. This first walking portion of the tour will take us to the dark
heart of L.A.’s urban jungle where anything can happen. From there, we will
retrace his final steps to destiny and wild capture as we journey to the East
Los Angeles portion of the tour. The tour will be blessed by an authentic
“Bruja” (Mexican witch) practitioner of White Magic, to ensure safe passage and
protection from Satanic forces.

The tour wishes to thank the late author, Philip Carlo and his book "The Night Stalker" The Life and Crimes of Richard Ramirez" ( for his personal assistance and support in researching for the Night Stalker 25th Anniversary Tour.He will be missed.

.."I worked three long years on the Night Stalker book, one in this world knows more about this case than I do.......For 14 months, Ramirez managed to slip in and out of people's homes, killing and raping at will. Nothing could stop him. He left no clues. He became, in the very real sense, our nightmare come true.... Ironically, it was the police who saved the life of one of the most feared killers of the 20th century. ........It was in fact the people, the Mexican community, that ultimately spotted Richard, identified and chased him down, and beat him furiously. Had the cops not come, they would have killed him. "

Tour Highlights:

  • We will walk and explore by foot the very downtown L.A. streets that harbored
    the night stalker at the time of his arrival in Los Angeles from El Paso,

     Among the Night Stalker sites we will see in the downtown portion of the tour:

  • Hotels, bars and cafes, alleys,
    drug corners, fences for stolen goods, liquor stores, diners, prostitute corners frequented by Ramirez..

  • For the transit portion of the tour, we will board public transportation
    towards the Eastside, and across the L.A. river, where we will relive the
    Night Stalker’s final run from justice.
  • Follow the path of the Night Stalker’s last steps, as we arrive at the actual
    street, largely unchanged today, that became Richard Ramirez’ worst
  • Meet and hear actual eye witnesses and participants to the Night Stalker’s
    capture who have chosen to come forward and speak for this tour, some for
    the very first time. See and hear little known details of the Night Stalker's capture.
  • Details and locations of Ramirez’ personal haunts, hangouts and habits will be revealed.
  • Tour packages include:
  1. Fully Guided Downtown/ East L.A. Night Stalker Walking and Bus Tour including live performances and narrations.
  2. Transit fares
  3. Exclusive commemorative items.
  4. Spiritual blessing by authentic Witch (Bruxa) against black forces of evil.
  5. Access to all exclusive interviews, locations and materials.
  6. Night Stalker approved Snacks and Beverages
  7. More tba........
  • This tour involves walking and public
    transportation. As such, elements of unpredictability exist in this real
    urban setting. This tour may not be for everyone. By taking part in the
    tour, the participant agrees to absolve the organizers of the Night Stalker Tour of any liability or damages suffered
    therein and or as a result of taking this tour. Children and pets will not be allowed on this tour.


Al Guerrero
Tour Director

Eastside Desmadre Tours

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"Al Desmadre a proud member of LAVA, the Los Angeles
Visionaries Association,"